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About Us

SUE Turbine

The SUE Turbine is a full renewable energy system

being carefully designed and developed for urban areas.


Consumers understand we are quickly turning into an all-electric society.The cost of everyone’s electricity bill will increase either in Kilowatt hours used or in pricing due to supply or both.

So we asked; 

Why haven’t they invested in conventional renewable energy?

Insufficient land or roof space.

It is too expensive.

It is a big home improvement project.

Not easily accessible.


Our own experience:

We spent money on solar panels then had to relocate and our investment was left behind.


At Sustainable Urban Energy we are designing renewable energy accessible as an everyday appliance and just like your appliances, SUE Turbine moves with you and so will your investment.

The two biggest advantages are the versatility of installation locations and its affordability with a return on investment within 7 years, saving up to 25% of households annual power as well as 800 kg of CO2 per year.

Commitment to a healthier environment on full display as your home is being

Powered by SUE 

Sustainable Urban Energy Ltd is led by a man that works hard yet always enjoys all this planet has to offer.

Neil Coulson, Director  Sustainable Urban Energy Ltd

We are always searching for supporters who shares our vision to offer renewal energy for everyone to create, use and benefit no matter where they live. 

If you are interested, 

SUE Turbine Survey

We are committed to keeping your data safe, 

We DO NOT share with third parties.

To assist us in furthering our product please participate by taking our survey.

Thank you.

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