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Meet the Director: Meet the Team

Neil Coulson


Sustainable Urban Energy Ltd, is a family business

supportive and experienced hard-workers

with your best interests at heart.  

Neil Coulson

Neil relocated his family to a 4.5 acres country setting in Aberdeenshire where they lived a truly sustainable lifestyle. Willows planted producing heat for both home and water, raised livestock, grew fruit and vegetables, collected rainwater, created their own compost as well as a wormery for fertilizer. The one true acknowledgment was no matter what, they still needed electricity.


Although, they had installed Solar panels Neil was working to create a portable turbine to be used in different areas on the land. The concept began with an old fan and the chimney of the kiln when in the mist of this concept life changed and the family relocated to the city. Neil's concerns regarding the increasing demand on electricity and the impact towards people's livelihood gave way to  a greater importance for his turbine in areas whom have little to no recourse to renewable energy generation.

Neil Coulson has worked in the oil and gas sector for several years and in several countries. He has a Masters degree in Project Management and a real grasp on health and safety regulations. 

We are always searching for supporters who shares our vision

to offer renewal energy for everyone to create, use and benefit no matter where they live. 

If you are interested, 

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